IMPORTANT!!!! If you don’t own INJECT 2.0 by Greg Rostami this ADD ON and it will not work by itself! If you already own INJECT then all you need to purchase is the PICKQUICK, however If you dont own INJECT you may purchase it here as well with my Bundle Package.

What is Inject?

Inject gives you the Ability to read minds/make predictions without ANY PROPS and anytime even if you forgot your phone at home!

What is “PICKQUICK”?

PICKQUICK is an ADD ON to Inject, The ADD ON consists of two things.

1)A SUPER SHORT INJECT URL thats easy to type and gives you INSTANT access to your Inject Main page.

2)ANOTHER SUPER SHORT URL that gives you access to a Fake google page that has all of your receivers/Inject main page/Inject Delayed Thump all on 1 page. This allows you to access all of your receivers INSTANTLY without having to remember all your links/urls. Less time spent trying to remember the small things and you can concentrate on your performance.

Both URLS are the same the only difference is you add a Colon at the end of your custom url to access Your Fake Google Page, Leave the colon off the end of your link to access your inject.

Your purchase comes with 3 Years of guaranteed support.

Why only 3 years?

I have paid the hosting company in advance for 3 years to make sure I can continue offering this service.

What happens after the 3 years?

During those 3 years I will be creating an updated version PICKQUICK 2.0 With LOTS OF FEATURES and of course it will cost more. If you already own PICKQUICK you will be able to upgrade for a small fee and that guarantees that I can host it for another 3 years.

Once you purchase PICKQUICK Send me an email @

With the following information

1)Your Inject ID

2)1-8 Receiver URL’s and if you dont have aliases please tell me what they are So I can name them accordingly.

3)Proof of Purchase

Additional information


Pick Quick, Inject/PickQuick, Inject 2.0


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