Expand your arsenal

If I had to pack light and wanted something I could count on to play BIG, I would always choose a thumb writer. Thumb writers allow you to basically predict anything, anytime, anywhere. I’ve tried a lot of Variations as they have been around for centuries but they all had a few things in common, They fit weird or were too bulky. I took it upon myself to learn how to CAD on my free time and with that newfound skill, the Script Clip began to take shape. Thumb writers allow to predict a birthday, age, and even their favorite food all available at your fingertips, Pun intended of course.

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I started my journey in the world of magic as a child. I loved how you could take a moment and make it stay in someones mind for the rest of their life. I spent some years as a Restaurant Magician honing my craft and style as I was a Junior Member of the Magic Castle. Now I spend my time creating magic.